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“Initiation” has rich connotations such as opening-up, innovation, creation and construction.

To lead the industry development is always the holy mission and responsibilities of Jangho, which focuses on self-improvement at present instead of competing with others. One should dare to take the lead initiatively, if wanting to stand out among the peer. One enterprise can lead the industry development permanently by keeping its competition edges through constant innovation and reform.

“Initiation” means opening up. The program that could bring benefits forever does not exist at all. The essential way for an enterprise to exist and become stronger is to keep exploration actively. Only by fully exerting the pioneering spirit of “tackling all hardships and difficulties met on the way of forging ahead” can one create new pattern of development constantly.

“Initiation” means innovation. It is meaningless to talk about future without laying emphasis on innovation. In the face of some long-term uncertainties, one enterprise must consider the realities fully, keep the same pace with times, break through routine work, bring forth new ideas and keep making reform and innovation in order to be competitive always.

“Initiation” means creation. To address the changing situation and problems one after another, new achievements can be created through new ideas and methods brought forth by working innovatively.

“Initiation” means construction. Construction summarizes the Group’s “system creation and integrated construction” highly. In the future, Jangho Group will further lay emphasis on innovation-driven development and integrated construction and focus its more attention on the main business of architectural ornament. It will make improvement both internally and externally, abide by standard and assembly development principle, innovate the traditional business substantially through technological innovation and management reform and lead the constant development of interior and exterior decoration industry.

“Initiation” has rich connotation and can be realized whenever possible. “Initiation” also includes the meaning of breaking through traditional concept and mode, highlighting reform and proposing new ideas.