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+JANGHO is the thematic logo of the work in 2017 and also the medical brand logo of Jangho Group. 

Definition of thematic logo of annual work

■“+”is composed of three “J” including one boldface representing Jangho Group, Jangho building & decoration business and Jangho health & medical treatment business respectively. Such an image vividly reflects the Group's business pattern. 

■"+" is not enclosed and remains an opening at the cross, implying that Jangho Group is of openness and inclusiveness and will establish alliance with more brands and groups.

■“+” indicates upgrading, meaning Jangho Group will transform and upgrade from specialization to double main business diversification, and have unlimited potentials in the future.

■The whole logo with the boldface in the latter part represents that Jangho will combine forward-looking strategies and effective implementation to achieve fast, sustainable and healthy development.

■The color of the whole logo changes from blue to orange, implying the upgrading of enterprise mission from “serving for human's living environment” to “serving for human's living environment and health & welfare".

Definition of Jangho Medical Brand Logo

■“+”, a red cross, represent medical treatment and health; the combination of three letters represents the Jangho Group; the combination of two symbols represent Jangho Group's medical & health business, i.e., Jangho Medical.

■“+” means integration and synergy, implying Jangho Group will, taking Jangho Medical as a platform, implement its industrial strategies, integrating overseas top-end medical institutions like Vision, Primary and Chinese famous medical institutions such as Nanjing Zeming, so as to seize more shares from domestic increment markets

■The central lines of “+” crossed each other at the top and bottom to form a cupped posture “caring with both hands”, representing Jangho Medical’s humanitarian spirit of caring for life and patients.