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Global Recruitment Only for Excellence

It is a promise by Jangho that there is a platform for the employees to build their own enterprise and to enrich their career life. In Jangho, the HR management sticks to the principle that capacity reigns, personality thrives and team work dominates, and that the working environment should be inspiring and motivating. Jangho can provide enough space for the employee to give full play of their personal talent and elevate their career life. All Janghos “pursue performance, master specialty, embrace change, communicate frankly”.

High-quality Talents

With the speeding up of globalization, Jangho Curtain Wall has cultivated all kinds of “composite and expert” curtain wall management and technical talents. At present, Jangho Curtain Wall has thousands of professionals of all fields, of which more than 80% are from the “Project 211” universities.

International team

Jangho Curtain Wall has excellent talents from across the world. Besides, Jangho Curtain Wall has established long-term cooperation and strategic partnership with domestic and foreign well-known design agencies and consultants, leading to a systematical self-improvement and creating a mature and world-class cooperation team.

Immigrant Culture

To enhance the competitiveness of talents, Jangho Curtain Wall has absorbed outstanding technical talents from across the world. This globalized talent recruitment breeds an “immigrant culture” of inclusiveness and aggressiveness in Jangho.

“Win-win” Career Development

Jangho Curtain Wall spares no effort to train and develop individual talents. There are regular group-scale trainings, such as training for new employees, professional training for technical and management talents, and unique “tutorial system” on-the-job training. Through these trainings bring Jangho the industry-leading talents required for businesses, and advance the employees for their professional proficiency; Jangho and its employees both win.

Where There is A Will, There is A Way

Jangho Curtain Wall adheres to the talents recruiting concept of “Where there is a will, there is a way” and “Learn from the hero selfless volunteer, and never let selfless volunteer suffer losses”, employs excellent youth with different background and encourages them to fully display and create the value of life in their career platform. In Jangho Curtain Wall, where there is a will, there is a way.