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Introduction of Health Care Sector

The health care business is an engine for the leapfrog development of Jangho Group. Jangho Group has famous health-care brands such as Vision and Zeming Eye Hospital and also is the largest shareholder of Primary, one of Australia’s four blue chips. For the strategic development, Jangho Group established Beijing Jangho Health Care Co., Ltd. in December 2016,, creating a health care management platform.

Jangho Health Care is to be a content provider, focusing on ophthalmology, third-party testing, and community hospitals. It is committed to providing international and high-quality health care services for Chinese and overseas customers.

There are broad prospects for the development of China’s health care industry, especially for ophthalmology and third-party testing. Jangho Group is well-experience in international operations and localized reproduction. Jangho Health Care will acquire foreign high-end brands and then graft them on the Chinese market and Chinese resources. It will conduct strategic cooperation with large-platform and regionalization medical groups to expand the medical and health business through rapid replication. In this way, it can achieve leapfrog development to promote development of China’s health care and improve people’s health level.