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Fly Dreams and Pursue Dreams in Jangho – Initial Training of Graduate 2018 by Jangho Group Held in Beijing Successfully


The initial training of graduate 2018 was successfully held by Jangho Group from July 8-10 in Beijing. Near 400 new college students recruited by the architectural decoration enterprises subordinated to Jangho Group in the mainland has attended the 3-day initial training. The training is in favor of the new recruited college students and is to help them integrate into the “big family” of Jangho Group. In the training, the students get an understanding of teamwork, the enterprise culture, the group’s management system, and a preliminary knowledge of management and common sense of all business lines, preparing themselves for the turn from good students to good staffs of Jangho Group and laying the foundation for the future works.
Jangho Group has employed professional outward bound institutes for the students, to enhance in them the team cohesiveness and collaboration awareness, cultivate their positive and aggressive attitude, dig their potential and arouse their confidence and determination to face the difficulties and meet challenges.
Creative Icebreaking Team Construction
Dynamic Rope Loop
\Power of Breath
Elegant demeanor of rookie in first appearance
In the sharing and demonstration of theme “Growing together with Jangho”, 50 student representatives respectively introduced their basic conditions, personalities, characteristics, internship experiences, career planning and specialties, etc. This not only practice their courage and oral presentation skill, but also make participants further understand the overall specialties of students and the elegant demeanor of post-95 generation. Seven senior staffs communicated with the students through their own experience, shared their growth experience and feeling in Jangho and set an example for the students.\
Training and Mobilization
\Experience Sharing by Senior Staffs
\Personal Demonstration by New Staffs

Management Training with Full Energy
Theme Training by Xu Xingli, President of Jangho Group
Mr. Xu Xingli, president of the group, gave the first lesson of theme training, Group Management System for the new recruited students at the meeting. From four aspects including the group’s strategy, development system, enterprise culture and integration into Jangho, he systematically explained the group’s development history, development strategy, management mode, management system, internal control management, performance appraisal and enterprise culture, etc. His speech has helped the students completely understand the general situation and operation management system of the group. He gave guidance on “how to integrate into Jangho rapidly”, and explained the basic accomplishment and professional ethics of a Jangho staff. In addition, President Xu taught the students to form good occupational habits, pay attention to their own weakness rather than strength and required them to do, to love and to excel in work. . He also encouraged the students to aim high and concentrate on their work free of arrogance and rashness. “The guide shows the process, you do the practice”, President Xu said to the new staff in terms of their own development. He stressed that this training is just a window, everyone should insist self-learning, have an open mind to ask for advices and apply what they have learned; only continuously improving expertise and professional quality can make a difference.
Theme Training by Liu Yu, Administrative/Human Resource Director
Besides, the lecturers from the group headquarter and its business units undertook profound and practical professional trainings in sample language, such as H&R management, financial management, business management, information management, common sense of legal affairs and procurement management, shared their experience in marketing and project operation and helped the students get familiar with the key systems and work procedure. The lecturers from the Curtain Wall Sector also offer an all-around professional training from material to construction organization, from standard and code to quality safety, which enable new staffs to understand their working responsibilities and professional knowledge and move into the new role as soon as possible.
Great Expectation in Symposium
On the night of July 9, Mr. Liu Zaiwang, Chairman of the Board, President Xu Xingli, as well as the leaders from the headquarter and its business units in Beijing attended the symposium to answer questions from the students and share experience in a warm and heart-stirring atmosphere. Mr. Liu showed a warm welcome to the students, introduced the enterprise culture and development blueprint, expressed his expectation and made the requests. He said, as an enterprises “feeling for others, focusing on duty and taking responsibility”, Jangho Group provide a “stage without ceiling” and good growth environment with simple interpersonal relationship. Rather than laying emphasis on education background, the company is result oriented and focuses on duty, responsibility and achievement. Anyone who has a sense of responsibility and achievements will grow quickly in Jangho’s wide space.
Speech of Mr. Liu Zaiwang, Chairman of the Board
He indicated that starting work means a transformation from “a student” to “a social being”, who shoulders enterprise’s duty and responsibility, which the most fundamental change compared with the school days. He exhorted the students not to seek quick success and instant benefits, but settle down to work steadily, lay a solid foundation for career development.
He encouraged students to establish themselves in posts with strong sense of responsibility and high resistance to temptation and pressure, to fight for great accomplishment. He emphasized that Jangho Group is no fan of individualistic heroism, but depends on the power of teamwork, which requires unremitting efforts and continuous contribution from every team member.
Regarding to the Group’s future development strategies and prospects, Mr. Liu said that Jangho Group is an enterprise with a vision, never being satisfied with staying behind, forever in pursuit of being a “champion” with the gene and character of a “champion”. Currently, Jangho Group owns four industrial single “champions” including Jangho Curtain Wall, Sundart Holdings, Steve Leung Design Group Limited and Vision. In the future, all units subordinated to Jangho Group should strive for being single “champion” in quality or operating revenue. The Group shall not only keep the strong momentum in the architectural decoration sector, but also enhance its investment and operation in the medical treatment and healthy sector, to make itself a leading enterprise in Chinese medical treatment industry.
Graduates are new blood and potential power for the everlasting development of Jangho Group. Currently, the trained graduates have been ready to begin their work and start their new journey of life. I hereby wish every success in your work and life in Jangho Group!