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Build Solidarity and Synergy to Realize Dream Beijing Sundart’s 2017 Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai-Hubei Team Building Activity


Despite hot summer days, Beijing Sundart held its Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai-Hubei team building activity successfully in Zhoushan, Zhejiang from July 29 to 31, 2017. Chairman Wang Qifeng and 200-plus employees gathered in Zhoushan and had a journey of development for three days and two nights.
I. Set up Teams for Small Contest
\We are family. We are a team. As this activity was in the form of competition, we divided all employees into 13 teams. During the water sports contest at Wushitang Scenic Spot, all the teams demonstrated strong enthusiasm. Each team developed a clear plan of labor division, with the athletes striving for the championship and the cheering squad cheering them up. It demonstrated Sundart employees’ courage to meet challenges, vitality and commitment to team work!
II. Carry Out Endurance Test
\On the early morning of July 30, against the backdrop of rising sun, we launched women’s 2000m and men’s 5000m running activities in Zhoushan’s seaside park. It was a test of stamina and endurance. More importantly, it was about competition in determination and persistence. From the activity, we learned that our opponents are not others but ourselves. And it demonstrated that all employees of Sundart share the spirit of hard work and persistence and the courage to challenge themselves and strive to be the best!
III. Play Crazy and Ebullient Games on the Beach
\Despite large tides, hot weather and heavy wind and rain, we maintained high enthusiasm for activities. Against the backdrop of sea wind, beach and tides, all teams acted in synergy and solidarity to capture each other’s leader. During the competitive games, we regained the sense of joy and freedom as endowed by sea, sunlight, beach and waves. We are convinced that each one of us will forever remember each moment of joy we had spent there and the happiness of being a member of the large family of Beijing Sundart.
IV. Celebrate Success with Passionate Campfire Party
\When it comes to spending a night at seaside, nothing but a BBQ with passionate campfire party is more effective at triggering everyone’s passion. Before the party began, Chairman Wang Qifeng stressed that Beijing Sundart is at a stage of rapid development; that each achievement we have made is not possible without the hard work of each one of us; and that Sundart’s employees have the passion, vigor and determination to build a brighter future for themselves! After the speech, employees from all departments started a passionate and creative dancing contest. The party culminated as all of us sang, danced and chatted with each other with great joy.
V. Clean up Mood and Go back to Nature
\After two days of joyful contests, we took a ferry to the legendary Beach Blossom Island, which is depicted by Mr. Jin Yong in his martial arts story as an isolated island of pure nature and beautiful scenes. A deep breath of fresh air made us all calm down as if we were in the arms of the mother of nature. Let us clean up mood and get ready toward a brighter future!
\Teamwork is the source of strength and wisdom. This team building activity not only provided our employees with great relaxation, but also displayed Sundart employees’ fighting spirit, vibrancy and endurance. Through the activity, our employees have better understood each other, fostered stronger sense of teamwork and collaboration, and gained greater trust. This will contribute to all employees of Sundart marching forward in unity.