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Realize Dream with Jangho in Poetic Youth——Jangho Group’s 2017 Initial Training for Graduates is Successfully Held in Beijing


Despite hot summer weather in July, new members of Jangho showed great passion for new adventure. From July 11 to 13, Jangho Group’s 2017 initial training meeting for graduates was successfully held in Beijing. Nearly 200 graduates of 2017 from Jangho Group’s architecture and decoration subsidiaries in mainland China gathered for a 3-day initial training in Beijing.
In his opening remarks, Jangho Group Chief Personnel Officer Liu Yu encouraged the graduates to aim high, be down to earth, foster a right sense of career, focus on their work, be passionate about learning, be devoted, and accumulate experience, as all this will help them quickly adapt to the context of society and be better integrated into Jangho’s culture and their respective posts.
Jangho Group CEO Xu Xingli presented a training entitled “Integrate into Jangho for Joint Development”, which focused on the group’s development strategy, management system, corporate culture and how to quickly get integrated into Jangho. He elaborated on such topics as the group’s development strategy, management model, management system, internal control management, performance evaluation and corporate culture. He gave his guidance on how to quickly get integrated into Jangho and what it takes to be a member of Jangho. He stressed the need for students to think from others’ perspective, make their efforts more targeted and improve their adversity quotient. He emphasized the need to look at things from a unique perspective and identify the difference in ordinary life. He stressed that being flamboyant is not a bad thing; that one should be all the more innovative and creative when it comes to work, as long as he or she behaves in accordance with rules. He also stressed the need to advance steadily and to be neither conceited nor rash.
Persons in charge of relevant functional departments of the group’s headquarters provided the students with training on the systems of HR management, financial management and information management, and introduced the group’s sales. This helped the graduates be familiar with the group’s critical system and work process at an early date. Persons in charge of relevant industrial units provided the students with professional training, ranging from interior decoration to exterior decoration, from material to construction organization, from standard and code to quality and safety. This helped the new employees understand their duties and master expertise to quickly assume their roles.
\On the evening of July 11, Jangho Group Chairman Liu Zaiwang, CEO Xu Xingli and leaders from industrial units met with the new employees. At the meeting, Chairman Liu extended a warm welcome to the graduates. In his affectionate remarks, Chairman Liu introduced the students to the group’s history and its status. He encouraged the students to love and be professional at what they do, and work hard to do a good job. He stressed that there is no easy path to success, and one can succeed as long as he or she is down to earth, has the courage to take responsibility and is progressive; that in the face of difficulty, one should be calm, positive and clear-minded, and strive to find the solution. He pointed out that Jangho Group is a company which upholds simple interpersonal relationship rather than factionalism and whose cohesion is strong; that despite different brands and functions of its industrial units, the company enjoys uniform values and cultures; that the company is compared to a stage without ceiling where anyone will be recognized for his or her hard work.
In the following Q&A section, Chairman Liu, CEO Xu and other leaders answered in details the questions raised by new colleagues, and lifted these employees’ morale being.
\As Jangho Group’s first initial training for graduates, this 3-day training activity enabled the trainees to gain full understanding of Jangho, broaden their horizon and receive knowledge. With passion and aspiration for a new life, all the trainees are embarking on a new journey of life. We sincerely wish them a great success! We hope they will leverage their talent to build a brighter future for themselves and the company.