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Go beyond What’s Expected and Succeed with Assurance —— Jangho Held Its “10.1” Work Meeting Successfully


Jangho held “10.1” work meeting in its Beijing headquarters on 6-7 October, 2018. Liu Zaiwang, the chairman, Xu Xingli, the president of the Group, as well as directors of all functional systems of the headquarters and relevant responsible persons of relevant industrial companies in China mainland attended this meeting. The Group’s brother companies and relevant responsible persons of Jangho Real Estate, CCE and Jangho Nengyun Data sat in on this meeting.
\In this meeting, the attending industrial institutes reported their operations in the first three quarters and major work plans for the 4th quarter of 2018, analyzed their operation situation of the current year and the next year and made clear their future development directions. Leadership of the headquarters and relevant functional departments deployed and arranged the main work to be completed by the end of this year, including fulfillment of business tasks by year end, business management, pre-computation, assessment, appraisal and annual meeting.
In the meeting, President Xu first reported the overall business of the Group in the first three quarters of 2018. He pointed out the overall business of the Group kept developing steadily thanks to the common efforts made by all companies under the background of rising capital cost and anaemic industry growth caused by domestic overseas harsh macro economy since this year. To be specific, core business indicators, such as successful bid, output value and profit, in the field of building, were kept steady and tended to grow, compared with the same period of last year and the business quality improved steadily. In the field of medical health, ophthalmic revenue showed good potential to grow, especially domestic ophthalmic business which kept a good development momentum.
President Xu emphasized that all companies should bear profit and cash flow in mind, guarantee business quality and pay much attention to engineering settlement, payment collection and cash flow in the 4th quarter so as to improve profitability. Companies that were still away from their annual objectives should find out a key solution and try their best to realize the objective; companies that had realized objectives should make persistent efforts and strive for further breakthrough in the last three months of the year. On a whole scale, all companies must be fully aware of the severe macro economic situation, improve benefits in the aspect of business equipment by determined efforts, and broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure. Besides, management flexibility and elasticity must be enhanced to open a new development situation. As there are only over 80 days left this year, he called on all companies to unite together and to go all out to win in the “final success” of 2018.
\Chairman Liu made important instructions for the operation and teambuilding of all business sections in the meeting. He pointed out that, for interior decoration business, system construction should be further enhanced, serious measures should be taken for business management and risk management & control, work should be developed by highlighting operation management and the construction of core operation & management teams should be strengthened. In the medical section, a Jangho ophthalmology management platform should be constructed and managed in a centralized manner. Speaking of teambuilding, Liu stressed that leading cadres must be with entrepreneurship and bold enough and able to fight the enemy head on and fight to win. Under ultra-high pressure, they must also be dedicated and set typical examples to staffs to forge ahead.
Liu also made clear the strategic development direction of the Group in the future considering current international and domestic economic situation. Although we were facing stern macro economic situation, he stressed, we should take this challenge a good chance and opportunities were born from difficulties. Therefore, on the one hand, all companies should keep a sharp eye out for external situation, emphasize situation predication, and highlight quality and efficiency transformation on the basis of preparing a plan in advance. On the other hand, we must concentrate on playing our own roles in such a harsh environment, study more and learn more to improve the executive force of our own teams. In addition, we must promote system construction, establish effective mechanisms, strengthen line management and build teams with positive vibes, so as to make sure we can be full of energy and confidence while facing with difficulties. At the same time, all companies should proceed with confidence in development. The main business of the Group has been developing steadily so far this year and is expected to be stable in the future; the merging business developed quickly and had large growth potential; all business sections supported each other and developed concertedly. As a whole, the Company was developing benignly and steadily and could endeavor for a bright future.
At last, Liu stressed that in the last quarter of 2018, all companies should concentrate on work and work harder to finish the tasks of the whole year and realize new objectives, so as to make remarkable achievements.