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Setting a New Benchmark by Joining Hands with CSCEC ——the Signing Ceremony for the Curtain Wall Engineering of Beijing New Airport CSA Base


On the afternoon of August 28, Jangho Curtain Wall and CSCEC held the signing ceremony for the curtain wall engineering of Beijing New Airport CSA Base at the headquarters of Jangho Group. Wang Qiushan, the deputy general manager of CSCEC, Zhou Hanping, CEO of Jangho Group and the chairman of Jangho Curtain Wall and other leaders attended this signing ceremony.
\Phase I comprehensive business houses (#3 building) and unit overnight accommodation houses (#4 building) of production & operation guarantee facilities and logistic buildings for Beijing New Airport CAS Base (main building height: 39.7 m; total building area: 160,000 m2) are the main supporting premises for the base and will provide service guarantee services for the production and lives of CAS staffs. 
\Wang pointed out in the signing ceremony that CSCEC had developed a long-term cooperation relationship with Jangho Curtain Wall for more than 10 years. This project had great significance as it was the first time that both parties reached cooperation independently. It would be much appreciated if both parties could manage project operation together to forge this project another high-quality benchmark project, and took this chance to tighten their bond to market and further expand the cooperation space
\Zhou extended the wholehearted thanks to the leaders of CSCEC for their trust, and expressed the willingness to further cooperate with CSCEC for deeper dependency to each other, higher level cooperation and a better future. He introduced that Jangho Curtain Wall was always devoted to creating high-quality engineering by adhering to the operation policy of “advanced technology, high quality, leading service and low cost”. Relying on its excellent design team composed of nearly 2,000 members who had completed lots of highly difficult and large-size projects both at home and aboard, it was confident in and capable of completing the construction tasks of CSA Base Project smoothly. Zhou committed to prioritize project quality and complete its mission as per the required quality and time as it had done in their previous cooperation. Jangho Curtain Wall would not disappoint CSCEC and would devote every effort to present a project satisfying the owner and the society.
\It was reported that CSCEC has cooperated with Jangho Curtain Wall on more than 50 projects, including ZheJiang Fortune & Finance Center, Wuhan Internal Commerce Center and Tencent Building of Binhai, with the total contract price up to over RMB 4 billion. Based on the long-term good partnership, both parties would enter a new chapter by joining hands.