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Yang Yue, Member of the Standing Party of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, Paid a Visit to the Headquarters of Jangho Group


On the afternoon of August 9, Yang Yue, the member of the Standing Party of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and minister of United Front Work Department of Jiangsu, paid a visit to the headquarters of Jangho Group by leading a delegation including Gu Wanfeng, the vice minister of United Front Work Department of Jiangsu and relevant leaders of Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce. Zhou Kairang, the administrative vice minister of the United Front Work Department of Beijing Municipal Committee, and She Yungao, the deputy secretary and deputy chairman of Beijing Association of Industry and Commerce.
\Liu Zaiwang, the chairman of the Group received Yang’s visit warmly, and introduced company profile and the development of all business sections in detail. He said that Jangho Group started its business in curtain wall field and in the following years, the Company undertook hundreds of landmark buildings and regional major projects around the world, expanding its business to over 20 countries and regions. It had become a leader in global high-end curtain wall industry after only several decades of development. It got itself involved in interior decoration and medical health fields in 2012 and 2015, respectively. Now, Jangho was a large famous transnational group which controlled many industrial companies, including Jangho Curtain Wall, Sundart Group, Steve Leung Design Group Limited and Vision, four individual-business champions in their industries. Jangho Group was A-share company listed on the main board and owned two companies listed in Hong Kong with their business covering professional fields including curtain wall, interior decoration and design, as well as medical health such as ophthalmology. The Group took the lead in global building decoration and ophthalmic medical care fields.
\Liu also expressed that Jiangsu had developed economy and wide market, and that was why Jangho Curtain Wall, Beijing Sundart and Gangyuan Decoration of the Group had expanded their business there. Many key projects of the province, including Nanjing Youth Olympic Centre, Nanjing Jinling Hotel, Suzhou Huawei and Suzhou Jinji Lake Grand Hotel, were undertaken by Jangho. Zeming Ophthalmology in ophthalmologic medical section in China mainland would headquarter in Nanjing to radiate Jiangsu and Anhui. Jangho planned to invest more in Jiangsu so as to facilitate local economic development and achieve a win-win situation.
\Yang fully affirmed the dramatic accomplishments made by Jangho, and welcomed large companies like it to further develop in Jiangsu, the province with obvious regional advantages, rich resources, active private economy and favorable business environment.
Liu Yu, administrative and HR director of the Group and Wang Ruilong, planning director accompanied Wang during the visit.