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Semiannual Working Conference of Jangho Group Successfully Held in Beijing Headquarter


From July 21-22, 2018, Jangho Group held its 2018 semiannual working meeting in Beijing Headquarter. Liu Zaiwang, Chairman of the Board, Xu Xingli, President of Jangho Group, leaders of functional systems in headquarters and persons in charge of business units in Chinese mainland attended the conference; leaders from sister companies such as Jangho Property, CCE and Jangho Nengyun Data also sat in on the conference as well.
On the conference, the operational indicators and completeness of special missions of the business units in the first half of 2018 was debriefed, the future development direction was defined after analysis of current situation, and the works to be done in the second half year were planned. The leaders called on the whole group to set their mind to overcome difficulties and successfully accomplish the missions for the whole year.
President Xu reported on the overall operation of Jangho Group on the first half of 2018. He indicated that in the context of the macro-economic regulation of “deleverage” in this period, Jangho has insisted on the business policy of “benefits first”, and taken proper measures; therewith, the main businesses has grown steadily and the Group has basically reached the operation target of “half the year, half the mission” with improving operation and growing profitability. He pointed out that in the next half year, the economic and financing situation will still be negative, so profits should remain to be focus of all units; project settlement, collection of payments and cash flow management should be put in the first place; strict cost control should be conducted to realize higher efficiency with lower cost; technical innovation should be enhanced and become the drive for better quality and efficiency. He also required that all units should spare no effort to accomplish the missions for the whole year.
\Regarding to the development of the Group’s business sectors, Chairman Liu indicated that the architectural decoration sector should, based on continuous improvement of operating quality, further develop; cash flow management and profitability should be the focus and tight control should be exercised to prevent omission and faults, and therewith to increase quality, efficiency and profitability. More specifically, for curtain wall-related business, the development strategy stressing technology, quality, service and cost should continue and the standardization and systematization of the curtain wall technologies should go further to improve the efficiency and benefits; for interior decoration business, new explorations in industry operating characteristics and management mode should go on to perfect the company’s management and increase economic benefits.
As regards to the health care sector, Mr. Liu indicated that its market has a large development space; the company, relying on the industry fund, will invest more, especially in the ophthalmology and third-party inspection; a major breakthrough should be made in this year, to achieve a rapid development of health care business.
\Mr. Liu also said that opportunity always accompanies with crisis. Being faced with the challenge from macro economy, we should take it as an opportunity to realize personal improvement and company transformation, upgrading and development with sound foresight, enormous courage, boldness to solve problems, and composure to work hard.
\He emphasized that management at each level should be loyal, upright, responsible, aggressive, practical and persistent to the missions, take work as their ambitions and devote themselves to their work with feelings, passions and love. Ambitions can make them go beyond temporary personal gains and losses to concerning long-term future; feelings can make them understand abidance and insistence and go further; working passion can keep them enthusiastic and ambitious; love can make them completely concentrate on works and inspire unlimited potentials.
Finally, Mr. Liu emphasized that all units should focus on works, strengthen operating management, to ensure accomplishment of the missions of the year and make achievements satisfying the company and themselves.