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Consolidating the Headquarters, Raising the Management Level—The Group Holds the Headquarters Platform Expansion Conference


In order to further consolidate the headquarters’ organization and work style, and raise its management level, a meeting for expanding the headquarters platform on October 8, 2017, chaired by the Group President Xu Xingli. Over 40 people in total, including heads of all the functional departments of the headquarters and relevant personnel related to the expansion were present at the conference.

The conference centered round three topics: the organizational consolidation, the progress of main tasks, and the operation of the business under centralized management of all the functional departments; the heads of all the departments reported on the organizational structure, the assignment and arrangement of key functions and core positions, the operation of the main tasks and the business under centralized management in the first three quarters, and other matters. President Xu Xingli commented on the organizational construction and relevant main tasks of all the departments in detail, pointed out all the departments’ shortcomings and problems in their organizational consolidation and management of headquarters functions, and made his suggestions as to how to rectify them.
President Xu Xingli indicated in his speech that the functional departments of the headquarters have developed an “aesthetic fatigue” in their self-management, self-requirement, and self-pursuit in the past two years, and their self-reform and initiative are underpowered, and even somewhat sluggish; therefore, it’s very necessary to readjust and consolidate the headquarters’ organization and work style and strengthen the headquarters consolidation. He said that all the departments should carry out self-examination, self-rectification and self-reform through criticism and self-criticism, so as to re-inspirit and reinvigorate the headquarters’ functional departments.
At the conference, President Xu Xingli gave special report titled Carry out Self-Reform, Make Some Difference, and Be A Qualified Officer of the Headquarters, and expounded how to serve as a qualified headquarters officer in respect of a headquarters officer’s value, due qualifications, self-reform, etc. He pointed out that the Group’s business scope is expanding continually, and the management focus is being stratified at the level of the Group headquarters, the corporate headquarters, the branches, and the business departments, and the requirements are becoming higher and higher for the headquarters’ functional management. He asked the executive officers of the headquarters to do an examination on their own work.
“Are we better than business officers in terms of competency or the value that we create is bigger than that they create, except that the so-called title or rank of ours may be higher than theirs? Have we played a key and indispensable role or not, and are we indeed like their ‘leaders’?”

\President Xu Xingli further indicated that the value of the headquarters’ executive officers lies in effectively managing and controlling the business under centralized management, providing strong support, and playing a key and indispensable role; that in terms of basic qualifications, a headquarters officer should have a broad vision and mind, dare to face their own shortcomings, and be good at communication; that they should take the initiative in work, dare to be “pragmatic”, and “offend someone”; should have decisiveness, dare to assume responsibility, and also be “down to earth”, being capable of working well with the team; that to be a qualified headquarters officer, one should be properly oriented, consider his/her function, assume his/her job, continually reform himself or herself, come to the point, and only thus can he or she become a qualified headquarters officer.
President Xu Xingli demanded that each department know its key functions clearly as regards the challenges and problems encountered by the department, and carry out reorganization or readjustment by put forward optimization and reform objectives; that the headquarters’ executive officers should make some changes every day starting from themselves and the present, and develop a highly capable, powerful, efficient, and energetic Group headquarters.