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Be Dedicated and Make a Good Job of the Year-end Breakthrough—Jangho Group Holds the “National Day” Work Conference Successfully


On October 6, 2017, Jangho Group held the “National Day” work conference at its headquarters in Beijing. Chairman Liu Zaiwang and President Xu Xingli of the Group and the heads of all the functional systems of the headquarters, as well as relevant officers of the Group’s domestic industrial units attended the meeting. The business operations of all the industrial units in the first three quarters and their planning of key tasks for the fourth quarter were reported at the conference, and the Group’s leaders made comments on their business operations, and made their suggestions about the problems, difficulties, and risks currently existing in their operations and management. Leaders of the headquarters and relevant functional departments scheduled the year-end key tasks such as the completion of operational tasks, budget and final accounts, examination, appraisal, annual symposium, etc.
\President Xu Xingli initially reported the Group’s overall business operations in its two main businesses (i.e. architectural decoration and medical treatment/health) and its developments in the related areas such as industry funds, capital operation, etc in the first three quarters at the conference. He indicated that the macroeconomic development situation currently is not optimistic, seeing that the prices of aluminum pigs, glass and other building materials are generally rising, and this requires all the industrial units to concentrate their energy, and make all-out efforts to make a good job of the year-end breakthrough. He suggested a three-track solution: first, the marketing intensity has to be increased, so as to ensure that the annual marketing tasks and objectives are achieved; second, special attention should be paid to the operations management, so as to improve the operations quality, and do careful calculation and strict budgeting, control costs well, so as to achieve the year’s profit targets assuredly; third, project completion settlements should be pushed ahead with, so as to ensure the achievement of the year’s cash flow targets. He added that a good job should be made of annual final accounts and examinations, budgeting for the year of 2018, and other key special tasks, and every effort should be made to achieve all of this year’s tasks; meanwhile, all of the next year’s business tasks should be arranged properly.
\Chairman Liu Zaiwang gave targeted directions for the operations of all the industrial units in the fourth quarter in his sum-up speech, made suggestions as to the major problems in their operations, and demanded that they make timely rectifications and remediation as regards the problems or weaknesses existing in their operations. He emphasized that the fourth quarter is crucial to the achievement of the year’s tasks, and demanded that all the industrial units carefully examine the real situation of all business tasks, and deeply consider and plan how to achieve the year’s targets after the conference.
Chairman Liu Zaiwang pointed out that the “two-core”, “two-wheel”, and “two-wing” strategic development scheme currently fixed by the Group is an organic whole, which features interconnection, mutual support, and interaction. (Note: The “two-core” means the two main businesses: architectural decoration and medical treatment/health; the “two-wheel” means the drive of the two wheels: industrial management and capital operation; the “two-wing” means that the Fund Management Company and Jangho Real Estate are a pair of wings for the listed company.)
“What we are to do is to establish an interconnection between them, make a good job of overall coordination, and form a “chemical reaction”, so as to play an inestimable role, and push ahead with Jangho’s overall rapid development, and achieve Jangho’s rejuvenation.”
Chairman Liu Zaiwang also shared his understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit strongly advocated by the State, indicating that the entrepreneurial spirit is: being ambitious, having a sense of responsibility, daring to take risks, assume responsibility, and share business performance (operating results), and being “purposefully” persistent and dedicated, having indomitable resilience; he encouraged the leaders and officers attending the conference at various levels to establish their entrepreneurial spirit, build a significant career on this broad platform of Jangho, and unwaveringly make Jangho’s undertaking attain new heights!
\Finally, Chairman Liu Zaiwang demanded that all the units and managers at various levels surely concentrate their energy, to achieve the annual tasks and goals, and submit a satisfactory answer sheet to the Company and themselves at the year-end.