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You Rock, My Jangho!


Recently, Jangho Curtain Wall has taken strong moves in North China and stood out among other competitors by virtue of high-quality and effective services, wining bids for multiple key projects.
Haitian Hotel Curtain Wall Project
\Located at No. 48 West Hong Kong Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, the Project is invested by Qingdao Guoxin Haitian Center Construction Co., Ltd., with a floor area of 32 thousand square meters and gross building area of approximately 490 thousand square meters. The Project consists of three high-floor tower buildings, two podiums and one basement. Jangho wins the bid for curtain wall engineering of the tower building 2 (T2) and the podiums. The curtain wall is 369m high, with an area of 80 thousand square meters. T2 includes a super five-star hotel, an office area and a sightseeing floor on the roof; two podiums, one in the west and the other in the east, include hotel hobby, hotel and commercial and other facilities.
The forms of the curtain wall of the Project mainly include unitized curtain system, fire screen behind T2 unitized curtain wall, full glass scenery room (glass box) and its internal steel structure, window-wall unitized glass curtain wall system, frame-supported glass curtain wall system, lighting ceiling and its steel structure, window-wall aluminum sheet curtain wall system, stone curtain wall system and aluminum sheet curtain wall system.
Integrating the functionality of five-star hotels, office, business and leisure and entertainment, the Project will be the highest building and the new landmark of Qingdao after completion, thus adding charm to Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city.
Mobile Silicon Valley Innovation Center Curtain Wall Project
\The Project is located at Lot G4-1 in the east of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, with gross building area of approximately 19 thousand square meters, 24 floors above ground and building height of 99.9m. Beijing Yizhuang Mobile Silicon Valley Co., Ltd., Beijing Wanxing Construction Group Company, and China Academy of Building Research are the Owner, the General Contractor and the Designer of the Project respectively. Framed curtain wall predominates in the project.
After completion, the Project will provide development space for mobile communication technology R&D enterprises, high-tech enterprises at their initial stage, service-sector companies and overseas scholars in Beijing. It will offer supporting service for the communication technology R&D enterprises, to help set up a mobile communication service platform and create an ideal environment for the industry and for working and living.
Jangho Curtin wall will make persistent efforts to repay the trust of our customers with the sincerest and the most dedicated services and be strict with ourselves with higher standard to achieve more brilliant results.