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Strongly Enhance Market Competitiveness by Deep Integration and Overall Coordination—Jangho Group Holds Conference on the Marketing Coordination in


On August 26, the Group held a conference on marketing coordination at the headquarters in the Beijing region, and an overall planning of the coordination among the Group’s industrial units was made at the conference; the problems, difficulties and new policy conditions existing in the current marketing coordination were communicated and discussed. Chairman Liu Zaiwang, President Xu Xingli and other leaders of the Group as well as the heads, marketing managers etc of its industrial units in the construction segment, 60 people in total, attended the conference.
President Xu Xingli reported the Group’s overall marketing situation from January through July at first. He indicated that the Group saw a smooth, steady growth in its construction segment January through July, despite having been affected by macroeconomic regulation and control; that as far as the marketing coordination among the industrial units is concerned, the Group’s industrial units haven’t well shared the resources among them in recent years, nor have given full play to the role of synergistic effects. According to his remarks, this has been caused by both policy factors and marketing personnel’s lack in thinking and understanding; therefore, the Group has revised the administrative measures on marketing coordination, strengthened the overall coordination of interior and exterior decoration, increased information communication and resource sharing, and further expanded the incentive mechanism for marketing coordination by means of polices, so as to activate the marketing personnel’s initiative according to the intra-marketing principle, and this will surely greatly boost the industrial coordination of interior and exterior decoration.
President Xu Xingli pointed out that the architectural decoration industry has been faced with an increasingly challenging situation this year. Such a situation may be due to the following reasons.
First, real estate control policies have been intensifying, and will continue for a long while;
Second, the financial situation is unoptimistic and the pressure of deleveraging great, and this will have an impact on owners and ourselves;
Third, some interior decoration enterprises have started to develop in exterior decoration, and this has further intensified the pressure of industrial competition for us.
Therefore, he suggested that all the industrial units and marketing personnel increase their understanding of the role of coordinated marketing, and actively integrate marketing resources in practice; that they share market Intelligence/information, carry out marketing coordination in an overall manner, to enhance market competitiveness.
Chairman Liu Zaiwang pointed out in his speech that the overall coordination has failed in recent years except for some units, and this failure has to a great degree related to how leaders of various units give priority, except some policy mechanism factors. Currently, with the measures for coordinated management already revised, the Group intends to make efforts in the two areas – “mechanism” and “management”, to provide a coordinated development. More precisely, the Group will develop its work following the requirement below:
First, the newly revised marketing coordination policy must be unwaveringly carried out, communication and resource sharing strengthened, and a good job made of marketing.
Second, efforts should be made in the development of big customers, and strategic big customers well managed, so that lasting cooperative ties are formed. A regular communication mechanism should be established with big customers, high attention paid to their needs, voice and appeal, timely improvement and perfection made, value created for customers, and their satisfaction increased.
Third, the operation quality must catch up. The operation quality is the basis of marketing coordination, and the coordination hardly succeeds without the quality catching up. Therefore, priority should be given to the engineering quality over the quantity of projects awarded, excellent projects built, good reputation established, and more customers won.
Fourth, leaders of all the units should deeply understand the role of marketing coordination, humble their own pride, show modesty, take the initiative in, and actively strengthen, the coordination of marketing resources, and carry out overall marketing coordination.
Fifth, the marketing office’s daily management and team building has to be strengthened, and resource sharing realized among various industrial units in respect of human resources, office spaces, bidding information, customer service, customer maintenance, etc.
The holding of the marketing coordination conference this time further specifies coordination policy mechanisms, reinforces the overall coordination and resource sharing of interior and exterior decoration, and makes the attendees achieve a strong consensus. We firmly believe that, through this conference, Yangho’s all industrial units will surely give full play to the effects of “1+1>2”, and further increase Jangho’s market competitiveness.